Otter Encounter Birthday Party

Timings : Three sessions are offered daily except Wednesdays: 02:00 pm , 04:00 pm and 06:00 pm.

Participants : maximum of 20 guests in total ( children and adults including the celebrant ).

Duration of the party : 2 hours. Otter Encounter session & activities and guided tour.

The Party includes : a guided encounter and activities session and a guided tour either before or after the session to visit the Aquarium Tunnel, Underwater Zoo and Back of House tour with fish food.


Fees : AED 2800

Activities include:


  • A chance for guests to meet and greet with the Otters.
  • Assist trainers with animal training behaviours.
  • Enrichment activities including making toys for the otters.
  • Rainforest and Animal Care themed games led by a member of our Education Team.


- Party packages are applicable for kids of all ages.

- The session allows for accommodation of up to 20 participants including children and adults.

- If you wish to arrange for themed goody bags, this can be organized at an additional cost.

- Please note that outside decorations and food will not be considered (health and safety restrictions).


For bookings, kindly email: